DIY: Front Porch Cushion Re-do

Are you like me and have to remind yourself to JUST DO IT?

I feel like I’ve been fighting my tendency to procrastinate for my whole life. If you have tips for me… bring it on! I am a creature of habit and let things pile up until (without warning…) “Now. I’m doing it now. Hubby, you are in charge of the kids. Is that cool if I disappear for a while?” 

He always says yes, because he knows me and my habits. 🙂 Bless him.

This year I’ve been practicing one of my resolutions– to be productive… or at least, to think of being productive in order to accomplish my weekly goals. Most recently, I recovered our front porch cushions because, you know,

  1. I’ve been wanting to do it for three years.
  2. I’ve had the fabric for three months.
  3. They were HORRIBLY faded.
  4. The season for red in my décor has passed.

That red used to look so good in the three seasons room at our old house. Oh, they were perfect. Then we moved. This furniture had nowhere to go but outside on the (bright, east facing) front porch. The sun! Oh, the humanity!

I searched and searched for premade cushion covers that would fit this particular set and found nothing. A new cushion would’ve cost around $60… and there are TEN of them. Obviously, you know where that led me.

Amazon! I ordered 15 yards of fabric that I thought would be un-fade-able (ivory outdoor canvas!) Hello, Pinterest! After checking out a few different DIYer step-by-steps, I went for it– figuring it out along the way. I love, love, love the way they turned out (and I saved $530!) If you’d like more details on where I got the inspiration for how I recovered them, check out Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer.


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