“Camping out, camping outside.”

One of my resolutions for this year was to go outside more. We were outside all. the. time last year, so it wasn’t that challenging of a resolution. However… boy, oh boy did going outside sound really, really good when we had a newborn and COLD Iowa winter at the same time.

Yet, I saw my challenge and didn’t think twice when Husband and I repeated our traditional Springtime lines…

“Hey, you know what would be fun? Having a camper.”

“Yeah, it would! Someday.”

“Well, why not now? Let’s do it!”


We threw ourselves into researching all of the types of campers, and decided our best decision was to go after a used 27 ft. travel trailer. Oh, she’s a beaut.

I can’t help myself but think how much fun we would have if we sold our house and took to the road full time. Ahh, someday.

(The previous line is also inspiration for my 2018 decluttering movement… it’s easier to get away for trips if we have LESS stuff to keep up with at home!)

We are thrilled to spend more time together as a family while exploring new places.

Cheers to smashing goals, and cheers to new adventures!

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