“Snow Much Fun” Quilt

I am celebrating. The stitchiest quilt I’ve ever stitched is finally done.

When I found this jelly roll at a quilt shop last Spring, I remember my Mom saying, “Ooh. That goes with your house!”

She was right… however, I had no. freaking. clue what I wanted to do with it– which meant that it sat on my shelf for the next 7 months being sad but pretty.

In August, I finished my other quilt project for the year. I took a month off of quilting to start my business (American Wren Creations,) and then I started cutting that Moda jelly roll.

Isn’t it a beauty?! My mom and I have been sharing a Jelly Roll quilting book for several years, and this pattern jumped at me from the page the day we picked it up. I was always intimidated by the pattern, because I wasn’t sure I could even try to make something that complex. I am SO happy to report that everything went smoothly.

Except for the part where I cut my light colored background strips too long (and not all exactly the same… which made piecing my long strips together a gigantic pain in the…

*Just keep sewing, just keep sewing…*

Snow Much Fun Quilt 1

I did my best and made it with love. I am so proud of the way it turned out! The whole time I was making this quilt, I had no idea if I wanted to keep it or give it away…

I’ve been told we’re keeping it.


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