Are we there yet?

When I say there, I mean March.

As if December isn’t busy enough, I make some time to start dreaming and designing my next garden. I’ve been going over my plans and notes from the past couple of years– laughing at failures and making improvements.

Speaking of making improvements, before I could plant the garden of my December 2016 dreams, we had to build one.

Oof. My sweet husband.

When we bought this house in 2015, I had never even looked outside.


In my defense, I was pregnant with B, really hormonal and only concerned with having a safe, clean area for our baby to sleep and play. I didn’t even think about what the outside was like. Thankfully, my dear husband did think about it. He investigated and loved the outside of our future home. Bless him. The salt to my pepper. The ocean to my sand. The cushion to my couch.

Okay, that last one was a little weird.

Our backyard is fenced in and part of it meets the southwest corner of our garage. We decided to adjust the fence so that it met with the northwest corner and extend the yard another 20 feet.

So, he (and his Dad) moved the fence. Side note: moving fence is not easy work… but they made it look easy! That old ‘wasted space’ was now the designated garden area inside the fence.

2017 garden 1
2017 garden 2

Protected from deer, raccoons and rabbits (or so I thought.) Win! My husband drew up some plans for our garden (on graph paper– he’s an engineer.) The square is 16’x16′ and the wood he chose was from Menards— their Ground Contact AC2 CedarTone Premium Pressure Treated Lumber.

While we were filling the garden with a mixture of soil and compost, I remember him saying, “If we like having a garden, next year I’ll build a more significant fence.”

Originally, we weren’t even going to build a fence around the garden, but we needed something to deter our new puppy (that we were bringing home in three weeks on April 1!)

The fence worked until she was big enough to realize she could jump over– which was after we cleaned it up for the year. Phew!

2018 garden 2

Below are the in-process photos of our “significant fence” that he built this spring using the same lumber. Taller, stronger and Sunny-proof.

So far.

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