I Almost Missed a Moment

One of my resolutions every year is to be present and focus on tiny, memorable moments. Last night I had one of many of those moments with B.

I was feeling crummy, we were getting close to bedtime and she started fumbling around on our piano.

“B, uhh, I don’t think so. It’s time to start thinking about getting ready for bed. We’ll play it tomorrow.”

(I am nearing the end of the worst cold I’ve ever had. Ever. I’ll spare you the gross details because I know you don’t want to hear about it, but I’ve been in a “meh” mood because of it.)

“Mommy, let’s play Beauty and the Beast.” She pulled out the song book and started flipping through the pages to find Something There.

Who could say no to a piano playing 3 year old requesting Beauty and the Beast?! Let’s face it– not even the Beast could resist.

“Okay, but just for a little bit.”

She was already sitting on the bench, so I got down on my knees and put my arms around her to play. I looked over to see Kyle and L in B’s room– where L was telling Kyle one of his (what usually turns out to be) long stories in 14 month old language. Those conversations are my favorite L-ism of this toddler stage, he goes so in-depth with his jibberish– it almost makes you feel like an idiot for not knowing what he’s saying.

Oh, and watching them talk = heartsplosion!

As L jabbered, I started to play and sing. THEN, B put her arms and hands on top of mine and started to sing, too. Softly and on key. *faint*

In that moment, I knew exactly how Dads and Grandpas feel when they have a little one dance on top of their feet. My cup was overflowing in that moment– and it almost didn’t happen.

I’m so glad I caved (honestly, it didn’t take much effort on B’s part– I have a hard time saying no to music.) Paying attention for memorable moments is one of my favorite New Year’s Resolutions– those moments will happen when you’re not expecting them.

Join me on this resolution– and enjoy those hard-to-forget heartsplosions. 🙂

4 Replies to “I Almost Missed a Moment”

    1. Even better because you can hear his little voice rambling on and on in the other room, can’t you? 😆❤️


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