Winter Escape to Great Wolf Lodge

According to my Instagram, on January 18th I was feeling a little trapped by winter. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying this ridiculously wintery winter, but you know, good old fashioned cabin fever and wanderlust kicked in big time…

I sent a text to Kyle (he was out of town for work,) “How about a trip to the Dells in a few weekends?”

He must’ve been feeling the same because all he said was, “Done.”

Done indeed– a few weeks ago we spent our weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.

L is an “okay” traveler, so the three hour drive was uh, long… but 20 miles from Lake Delton we remembered the power of song (and that we had entire soundtrack to the movie Frozen in the CD player.)

Music is magic on our boy– and he is insta-calm when the music begins. Last summer, when L was 8 months old we went to Branson, MO. On that trip, the “distract L from crying trick” was B singing a panicky, fast, wacky version of “Jesus Loves Me.”

We got to the resort around noon and grabbed some lunch at the Lodge Wood Fired Grill (right off the main lobby.) Hunger satisfied, we went to our room to put on our swimsuits and hit the water park. We’ve never been to a water park/resort with the kids before, so the whole weekend left us feeling a little wowed, very happy, and oh-so connected.

I can’t tell you how many times B went down slides at Whooping Hollow. The slides in that area were just right for her (they’re made for kids shorter than 52 inches,) each slide was different, and they were lined up slowest to fastest. The first time she went down the slides in Whooping Hollow, she chose the fastest, straightest slide. *gulp* After delighting in giving us that nerve-wracking experience, she chose to use the slowest, curviest slide (again and again.) *phew*

We all loved the lazy river– that was probably the best part of Day 1. B loved floating, relaxing, and then running through the water (followed closely by Kyle.) I floated around with L and he almost took a nap (sitting upright on our raft.) It was so relaxing!

When we decided to be done for the day, we ordered pizza (the restaurant had gluten free crust!) and then went to our room to clean up. We ate, played, and waited for the much anticipated PAJAMA DANCE PARTY at the clock tower in the main lobby.

As you can tell, B “The Blur” had the time of her life. Just imagine– a bunch of kids ages 1-6 dancing like no one was watching (no one but the half circle of parents and grandparents around them.) I loved watching B interact with the other kids– and she even made a friend. *sigh* Cuteness. Watching them all dance without a care in the world was adorable, funny and refreshing. (Yes, I joined in. No, I wasn’t wearing my pajamas.)

After the dance party was “The Great Clock Tower Show,” then Story Time (both nights it was a book about the lodge and hosted by costumed characters that totally freaked B out.) BUT– we made it fun. B almost went up to Violet the Wolf but she decided she was better off just giving her a wave from a safe distance. 🙂

The next day we spent a lot of time in the water park. L had a lot more fun on Saturday after a good night of sleep (we had him between the queen beds in his pack ‘n play– he kept popping up like “Here I am!”… did I say a good night of sleep?)

In the toddler area, he made a friend at the fountain– they were both about the same age and trying to catch the water as it shot up out of the floor.

*sigh* Cuteness.

Both days, B got to do a craft project in the main lobby which she LOVED– and we did, too. It was a nice break from the water park activities.

It was such a wonderful, fun weekend with hardly anything distracting us from being in the moment (you know– iPhones, orders, emails, etc.)

I majorly recommend Great Wolf Lodge if you need to hit refresh after this crazy winter. There were so many things for kids to do and so many indoor pools to choose from– we never got bored (or hungry… or had to go without cheese– because #Wisconsin.)

So, I’ve come up with my next resolution, and I’m inviting you to join me on this: try really hard to resist distractions in order to remain in the moment.

Wishing you happy days, friends.


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