Check Out the Newest Addition to the AWC Etsy Shop (Available Now!)

Hi, all!

A few weeks ago I went to Kalona, IA and held yards and yards of the softest minky fabric in my hands. I paced the store and told myself, “Ehh… I don’t need to get special minky fabric.”

(But… I DID need to get it. I wanted all of it. #nominkyleftbehind)

I restrained myself and brought home enough fabric for two blankets.

One is sold (THANK YOU, you’re wonderful!) and the second blanket is in my Etsy shop TODAY!

Follow the link below for details on this oh-so-soft baby blanket.

Have a great week!

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Hi! I'm Kerri. My husband and I call Iowa home, and we have two spunky children and a very patient dog. Our little family is pretty much up for anything-- we love exploring and trying new things together.

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