A Jolly Christmas Poem

‘Twas the month before Christmas
When all through the land,
The grown-ups were thinking,
“What gifts will I hand?”

“Needs before wants.”
Papa’s words fill your head.
New socks. Cozy mittens.
Warm sheets for the bed.

Down the list, name by name,
Gifts both useful and fun.
But… what for the baby,
Our wee, precious one?

Something useful and warm
To be given with love.
A sweet, snuggly blankie,
As soft as a dove.

The list is complete.
Let the festive bells chime.
With presence, giving and love
‘twill be a Happy Christmastime!

Looking for something specific?

I’d love to work with you to design your ideal fabric combinations for anything listed in the American Wren Creations Etsy shop.

Together, we’ll coordinate colors and patterns to be loved and used by the sweet little one in your world.

All you have to do is send me a note by December 1st to get started. Remember: I offer FREE shipping to the USA and I don’t charge additional fees for this service. I’m here for you, friend.

Custom order invoicing & payment will be processed through Paypal.

Happy shopping!

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