How We Can Find Joy During this Season of Uncertainty

This stay at home/shelter in place life is hard. I believe we can find joy in this season of uncertainty– and we’ll thank ourselves later.

A couple years ago, my daughter (then 2YO) and I went to Target for a few items that we needed. We had been overdue for an outing and overdue for some one on one time since her little brother came along.

She was up to her usual tricks as we made our way through the store– singing every song that popped into her brain and greeting other customers and workers. Her happiness was contagious. After we made our purchases and were on our way out of the store, she made eye contact with a 20-something guy who was browsing the sports apparel.

Without hesitation and clearly on instinct, she greeted him.

“Ahoy, mate!”

Burned into my memory is the look on that 20-something guy’s face– an expression that said, loudly, “What the ****?”

I laughed out loud. The whole time at the store, her joy for others was knocking on my mama-haze of I have a newborn baby, I just need to get through the day with a hammer. Thank to her seaworthy greeting, the haze had been delivered its final blow. It instantly fell off of my shoulders. As soon as that laugh burst out of me, I know I stood a little taller and had more skip in my step.

It was such an unexpected, light moment in time I still smile about– 2 years later.

Friends, during this time of unsettling unknowns, when we’re all staying home way more than normal, away from people and places we love, please join me in making an effort to be light.

Pray to find joy in the little things.

Feel the light and let the darkness fall away.


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