About Me


My name is Kerri. My husband and I call Iowa home. We have two sweet, spunky children and a dog named Sunny.

I’m all about family fun, gardening, homesteading and living abundantly.

I grew up on a farm, and when I was a kid, I vividly remember making my very own garden… out of gravel… in the driveway. My family always had a garden, but this one was mine all mine. Points for imagination, right? I sketched different layouts and marked my rocky rows with letters etched into the ground beneath the rocks (a C for carrot, a P for potatoes, B for beans, etc.). I loved imagining how my own garden would look someday.

Fast forward to after Kyle and I were married. I finally had room for a garden in 2016. That spring, we cut the a tiny amount of grass out of the yard and planted a few seeds. Let’s just say it did not go well, but oh, the lessons had been learned! I spent a lot of time refreshing my knowledge on anything related to gardening after that experience.

The next year, Kyle and I built a 16’x16′ fenced in garden. I took into account everything I had learned (or relearned from my youth on the farm) and it was a success!

That experience– the learning, planning, and implementation left me with a homesteading mindset. Every spring, we’ve added more space to the gardens to produce more food and fun for our family. Our kids are always willing to help in the garden, and teaching them how to grow their own food is my duty.

The garden is a perfect place for them to connect to nature; they love running barefoot through the rows of our itty bitty sweet corn “field”, eating tomatoes right off the vine, and crawling around the grassy paths under the towering sunflowers.

Through gardening, God has given us the gift of slow and simple living. On the blog, you’ll find tips, ideas, and inspiration about gardening, family fun, homesteading, and living abundantly.