My name is Kerri. My husband and I call Iowa home. We have two sweet, spunky children and a dog named Sunny. Together, we enjoy a long list of activities, but topping the list is exploring the Midwest with our camper.


I started creating and selling handmade baby goods after a camping road trip in the summer of 2018. On that trip, I was so tired of reaching for disposable baby wipes or paper towels to clean up our then 8 month old; it felt so wasteful. I wished I had something reusable and cute to use as a wipe instead. Since then the list of items I offer has only grown! You can find my shop on Etsy, and if you’re looking for a specific fabric or style, send me a message! I’d love to work with you on a custom order.

My husband and I value the spirit of self sufficiency we’ve been blessed with, and we love a good DIY project to do together. We always have a project in the works, and you can usually find our kids helping with our projects. The joy of DIY is contagious!

I started having sensitivity to gluten in 2016, so since then I’ve adjusted an endless amount of recipes to fit my GF diet. Going GF isn’t as hard as you’d think at is, which is not what I thought at first! On the blog, I’ll share some of our family’s favorite recipes.


When I was a kid, I vividly remember making my very own garden… out of gravel… in the driveway. Points for imagination, right?! I mapped different layouts and marked my rocky rows with letters etched into the ground (a C for carrot, a P for potatoes, etc…). It was only natural that I grew up to have my very own real garden. My dreamy husband built me a beautiful cedar garden in early 2017 and it has been so fulfilling. I wholeheartedly believe that working in the soil can calm the soul. It is a blessing to teach my children how to grow their own food and help them learn how to care for nature and their surroundings.

Live Abundantly

I am a thankful (and slightly restless) mama. I enjoy trying new things and creating a joyful environment full of love and learning opportunities for my kids. I love Jesus and I’m on a mission to live an abundant life with Him as my guide.

Sharing tips, ideas and inspiration, I want to positively encourage other moms to just go for it; create, grow and live abundantly.

Matthew 5:16