American Wren Creations

     Welcome to American Wren Creations! I’m Kerri– the woman behind the business. I’m married to a spectacular man, and I’m Mama to two rambunctious, sweet, stubborn cuties.
     I’ll be honest with you, friend. Ever since I started the stay at home mom life in early 2016, I’ve been brainstorming day in and day out about what type of business to start. I can’t help but think that entrepreneurship is part of my genetic makeup. Anyway…
     Before our son was born at the end of 2017, I found the cutest fabric at a little shop and told my husband I was going to make him “his own, special burp cloths.” I am still SO glad that I did– our little dude turned out to be QUITE the spitter-upper and Big Sister’s store bought cloths just didn’t work well enough. *shudder* BEST burp cloths, EVER. And so, the business brainstorming continued…
     Fast forward to July ‘18, wedged between the kids in the back seat of the truck trying to feed our baby his food pouch. I thought, “Boy, it would be nice to have something smaller than a burp cloth to wipe his face with… I can’t waste the only burp cloth in here on baby food!”
     Friend, the lightbulb in my head exploded! American Wren Creations was born.
     I have always loved making things, and I love to be productive. Head on over to my Facebook page: and please stay tuned for durable, reusable, (and of course,) adorable baby & toddler products for sale. If you have any special requests, contact me and we can get to work on your custom order.
     I am so excited to create for your family!